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Tripe Dry for Cats

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What is tripe and why is it green?

Tripe is the nutrient-rich stomach lining of ruminating animals (e.g., bison, deer, lamb, etc.).

Why is it green?
If you've ever eaten tripe yourself or seen it in the grocery store, you'll remember it being white. Tripe for human consumption is white because it has been thoroughly rinsed and bleached. It also has very little nutritional value for pets.

By comparison, our green tripe is unbleached and all-natural.By avoiding the cleaning and bleaching process, we ensure that green tripe keeps all the nutrients that make it so great for your pet!

The Good Fat

Green tripe is packed with essential unsaturated fats, like omegas 3, 6, 9, and 12. Unsaturated fats help to keep your pet healthy, reduce inflammation, and ensure healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels

Packed with Powerful Proteins

The cornerstone of every pet diet is protein, and 70% of green tripe’s protein is composed of 7 major amino acids. Tripe is made up of essential building blocks that help support your pet’s joints, cartilage, muscles, growth, and so much more.

White Tripe vs Green Tripe

Why should I feed green tripe?

It looks gross and it smells terrible, but our customers love green tripe because of the incredible difference they can see in their pets when they feed it.

As a natural part of your pet's ancestral diet, green tripe provides your pet with 7 essential amino acids, the perfect balance of Omegas 3 & 6, an ideal ratio of calcium to phosphorous, and plenty of important vitamins and nutrients.

Benefits of green tripe include*:

  • ‣ Healthier skin & coat
  • ‣ Healthy weight maintenance
  • ‣ Appetite stimulant
  • ‣ Brain fuel
  • ‣ Increased stamina
  • ‣ Great for digestive health
  • ‣ Irresistible to dogs
Frodo, a Beagle, sitting outside in the grass

Customers use green tripe to:

  • ‣ Healthier skin & coat
  • ‣ Tempting picky pets
  • ‣ Maintaining a healthy weight
  • ‣ Fueling the brain
  • ‣ Rejuvenate senior dogs
*This is based on years of feedback and success stories of our customers, no clinical trails have been conducted.