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Tripe Dry for Cats

Canada Fresh

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Welcome to the family

Matthew Wasmuth (Co-founder, PetKind) with his fur baby, an Entlebucher Mountain Dog.

PetKind Pet Products began with a vision for creating the healthiest pet food products in Canada, based on better and fresher ingredients than any other pet food company was willing to do. Owned and operated by three brothers (James, Andrew, and Matthew), they set out to bring this vision into reality.

Raised in the country, just outside of Vancouver, BC, their mother bred and showed champion dogs and experimented with home-made green tripe products. Countless days were spent roaming creeks and acres upon acres of green space, with their dogs (Evy, Violet & Solo). Coyote dens and deer beds were a daily discovery. Growing up in this environment and mentored by their mother, they developed a love for both nature and dogs.

PetKind was inspired to further this innate passion in developing pet food products with a simple goal: Create products with highest fresh meat content, high fresh tripe content, and loaded with quality ingredients and emulate what nature itself would offer. This vision has fueled everything we do, from our original Tripett series of canned foods, to our PetKind TRIPE DRY line – where fresh meat such as wild salmon and green tripe is king – to our treats, and our most recent brand development, CANADA FRESH. Canada Fresh is our first complete non-tripe based line of cans and treats, based on high fresh meat content. Canada Fresh contributes a portion of the proceeds to support Nature Conservancy of Canada, bringing in our passion for nature in protecting ecologically significant lands.

We have always procured and sourced our own fresh meats, and have longstanding relationships and experience with New Zealand, Canadian, and American suppliers. We believe this direct involvement with sourcing stems from and compliments our deep ties to nature itself. PetKind will continue to push the boundaries, exploring and developing formulas into the future to best serve the nutritional needs of our pets!


Green tripe stinks – but it works!