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Tripe Dry for Cats

Canada Fresh

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Cat Testimonials

"My cat, Oliver, can be picky when it comes to food. I’ve tried different brands before and he usually takes a long time to get used to it. When I tried out this food, he started eating it right away! I even gave some to my sister's cat who is a big fan! They both try to bite the bag open and always rub up against it. My cat loves tripe and it’s good for him too! I’d recommend it for sure!"

– Ciara, IL

  • 1 min read

"My cat, Bear, absolutely LOVES PetKind's Green Tripe & High Seas food. She's a picky eater and I have wasted so much money trying to find a dry food that she likes. She has a sensitive stomach, especially to poultry, so our options were pretty limited. We tried this food and it is her favorite! When it delivers and I open the box, my cat can smell it immediately and tries to claw open the bag. I give her this dry food everyday and she always finishes her bowl. The formula is very simple and healthy too, which is extremely important. I definitely recommend this food to any cat owner... even picky cats love it!"

– Morgan, CA

  • 1 min read

"If Mimo has lower quality food from other brands, her food allergies immediately flare up. Her skin gets extremely itchy and she scratches hard enough to draw blood and even pull out chunks of her fur. 😿 So, high quality and minimal ingredient is the first thing I look for in any food I feed her, and Kirry as a result. Only the absolute BEST for my sweet babies!! ❤️❤️

I have been feeding my babies Canada Fresh food for over 7 months now, and I can’t gush about it enough! I’m just SO impressed with this food! 🙌🏽 Mimo and Kirry’s fur have never been softer! And they both still go crazy for the food!"

– Priya, MB

  • 1 min read