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No Other Pet Food Compares

Tripe Dry is the first dry food to feature the superfood green tripe as the number one ingredient in all its formulas. There's no other pet food like it.

Why PETS love Green Tripe?


“The sound of them eating is like music to our ears...We put the bowl down and its gone 5 mins later.


Petkind green tripe has been a huge hit in our house. We had dogs in the past would start out every meal intentionally tipping their food bowl over, and now our home is filled with the sound of the dogs happily eating the food. No more picky dogs."


Ryan and Shannon Betham⁠⁠



I recommend it all the time for dogs with allergies and I know it has helped a lot of pups!


My white shepherd Sheba has very bad food allergies and your food is the only dry kibble she can eat without having a reaction. It's a blessing!"




She LOVES it and her coat also looks amazing! I will always recommend it ❤️


Navigating the dog food world was overwhelming at first, but we’re so relieved to have found Petkind and know that Echo is getting amazing food that fuels her for all of our adventures! ❤️⁠"





Brought it home and he ate it right away. That never happens!!!


He has always been a picky eater with a sensitive stomach, so it was hard to find food that worked for him that he would eat. Over the years, we have tried 10 different kinds of dog food with no real success UNTIL NOW!!!...and Duke loves it!!!⁠"


Gidget M.


We're proud that Tripe Dry reflects our commitment to supporting our customers in providing a healthy, active, and full life!

For All Life Stages

PetKind Tripe Dry is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages.

Original Formulas

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You do not have to pick between what is good and what is beneficial to you!!

Limited ingredients with great benefits and taste. Feed the best to your pups without having to second guess what's going into their body.

It looks gross and it smells terrible, but you'll LOVE green tripe when you see the incredible difference it will make in your pets health!

Why Green Tripe?

Pet parents use green tripe for:

‣ Healthier skin & coat
‣ Tempting picky pets
‣ May aid pets with allergies
‣ Maintaining a healthy weight
‣ Fueling the brain
‣ Aiding muscle recovery
‣ Improving joint mobility

*This is based on years of feedback and success stories of our customers, no clinical trails have been conducted.

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