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PetKind is the perfect fuel for our adventures.

My name is Mieke, born and raised in the Netherlands, and I have been travelling the world with my pup for the past 3 years. It all started when I was living in a small village in the North of Vietnam close to the Chinese border. I fell in love with a tiny husky puppy, adopted him and named him Tron. He grew up between the rice paddies and buffalos and never left my side while we would trek through the northern mountains of Vietnam. Since then, we have traveled a dozen countries and two more continents before we arrived in Canada in October 2016. We absolutely fell in love with Canada and decided to start our residency application.

We currently live in Vancouver and use this beautiful city as our base to travel from. During our travels we always get asked a lot of questions, why we do it, how we do it etc. This inspired me to start PetVentures, to show people that adopting a dog does not necessarily mean you can't go anywhere or have to stop adventuring. I want to encourage people to strengthen their bond with their pup(s) and live a healthy and active lifestyle which is inspired by their pup.

A part of a healthy and active lifestyle is good nutrition. Living in the remote place Tron grew up in, it was hard to get good quality dog food. I either had to travel 300km one way to go and get it or let it get send to me on a special bus. Over the years we have tried a couple of different brands in different countries, some better than others. When we moved to Canada, I found out about tripe and the health benefits. As we are on the road much (road trips, camping etc), it is impossible to take fresh tripe with us and keep it refrigerated. This is when I found out about PetKind and their products and we take them anywhere we can. Especially the Tripe Treats are a big hit with Tron! PetKind is the perfect fuel for our adventures.

 Tron and Mieke