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Canada Fresh

Canada Fresh Treats



Quality you can see & smell

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of Canada Fresh Lamb

With 95% fresh meat and Canadian-sourced ingredients, our dog food is so high quality, you can smell and see it when you open the can!

Customers say:

"I thought I'd try the Canada Fresh lamb. I hadn't seen it anywhere before and thought I'd see how it would be received. My guys love it. They all dove right in and cleaned the plate."

― Online Reviewer

"I've honestly never seen Kepler so food motivated before"

― Rachel

"I have a very very finicky Chihuahua. [...]I bought this to mix with her regular dry food so she eats better. The first day she wasn't sure but ate half. Ever since she has gobbled it up. I also bought the chicken so if she feels like she needs a change of flavor I'm prepared."

― Becky

"My dogs have severe allergies and dry skin. Thankfully I found this brand and PetKind which has made a world of a difference. You can't get better quality and results!"

― Online Reviewer



Limited Ingredients

With 95% fresh meat in every can, Canada Fresh formulas have limited ingredient decks and contain only the ingredients necessary to make the perfect healthy meal for your dog.

100% Sourced & Made in Canada

Canada Fresh is made right here at home, and almost all of our ingredients are sourced from Canada as well*. That means exceptional quality ingredients from sustainable sources you can trust.


*Every ingredient except the salmon, which is sourced from Europe

Single Animal Proteins

Every formula contains only one animal protein (except the red meat). It's the perfect choice for dogs with sensitivities or allergies – you'll always know which fresh meat you're serving in your dog's bowl.

95% Fresh Meat

Every can is packed to the brim with fresh meat, naturally providing the nutrients your pet needs. It's nutrition the way nature intended.


Where are the ingredients for Canada Fresh sourced?

All of the ingredients in Canada Fresh are sourced from Canada, with the exception of our salmon, which is sourced from Europe.

Where is Canada Fresh made?

Canada Fresh is 100% produced in Canada, in Quebec.

Is Canada Fresh complete and balanced?

Yes! You can feed Canada Fresh on its own as a complete and balanced diet, or in conjunction with other foods.

How does your partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada work?

We have committed to donating 25 cents from every case sold to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, to help support their work conserving our beautiful country. Thanks to our amazing customers, we have already donated $30 000 to this important cause. Visit the Nature Conservancy of Canada website to learn more about the awesome things they do.

Are the ingredients sustainable?

Yes, as part of our commitment to the NCC and our customers, we ensure that all of our Canada Fresh ingredients are sustainably sourced.

My dog is allergic to certain products. Can they eat Canada Fresh?

Only you can determine if Canada Fresh is suitable for your pet, but Canada Fresh formulas are hypoallergenic. All of the formulas for Canada Fresh are single animal proteins, with the exception of the Red Meat. This is excellent for pets who have protein-specific allergies. Our formulas are also grain-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and poultry-free (except for the chicken formula, of course!) Please note that each can of Canada Fresh does contain some salmon oil.

Do picky pets like Canada Fresh?

Every pet is different, but many pet owners find their picky pets love Canada Fresh

Thanks to Our Customers

$30 000 donated

to the Nature Conservancy of Canada
and Canadian conservation

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