Why Feed Green Tripe?

Benefits for the ACTIVE dog. HEALTHY dog. The restless PUPPY and faithful OLD FRIEND.


of protein in GREEN TRIPE is composed of 7 major amino acids, providing incredible health benefits:

Proline - Helps maintain sound muscles and joints as it's required for cartilage/collagen production. Supports immune response and wound healing.
Glutamic Acid - "Brain Fuel" - Important for brain functions such as message transferring. Helps metabolize sugars and fats required under high physical activity.
Aspartic Acid - A "stamina booster" and important generator of cellular energy and brain cells. Detoxifies body cells. Supports a strong immune system by aiding immuno-globulins and antibody production.
Alanine - A blood sugar regulator which helps trigger glucose release into the blood stream, enabling rapid energy supply throughout the body. Involved in kidney stone prevention and urinary tract health.
Leucine - Promotes muscle recovery and repair after activity.
Glycine - Used for blood quality and is a key component of haemoglobin. Supports in transferring glucose into energy. Plays an important role in gene and DNA composition.
Arginine - Contributes to a healthy vascular and circulatory system.
Green Tripe is exceptionally high in "UNSATURATED", high quality fat with health benefits, including Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids and Oleic Acid. This "Omega 9 Fatty Acid" helps burn fat reserves while providing intestinal health, and also contributes to diabetes prevention and a stronger immune system.